Unlike a travel agency, Sampa Citywalk Tourism works with inbound tourism and as an operator of travel and tourism. Our focus is to offer to our customers the opportunity to meet São Paulo, one of the biggest Metropolises in the World, in an innovative and surprising way.

More than tourist itineraries, you have the chance to see behind the scenes of the city that never stops. Therefore, all our tours are prepared thinking of the possibility of providing the best feelings and best impressions. Always supported in the rich history of the city and the state, and also the huge variety of options available in this magnificent metropolis.

Historical itineraries, shopping tours, scenic and interactive tours, the Sampa Citywalk is always attentive to your needs. And always keeping an eye on the possibility of offering to our customers innovative options for tours.

Learn more about our services and products in other sections of this website or contact us. We are at your disposal to answer your needs.

You can also talk to us by atende@sampa-citywalk.com.br email.



You can chat with us by telephone at number 55-11-99306-5755, by email, in atende@sampa-citywalk.com.br, through the contact form on this page or in our channels on social networks (find us on Facebook and give us a Like on #Sampa_Citywalk).

Exclusive tours to you, your family and friends

Sampa Citywalk stands out in the market by offering a variety of tour options. You can mount or adjust routes according to your taste. Just the way you like.

St. Paul a way you never imagined

You can tour the capital (São Paulo) or the surrounging cities in a very special way, with expert guides speaking Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Easy payments

Besides all the special conditions, the Sampa Citywalk also provides ways to facilitate the payment of your ride.