Special Tours


Destinations presented in a special way, considering the history and the importance to the city and to the population. You can find one of the special tours already set or even create your own. If you want to know a tourist spot, a point of interest, or even go back to that place that was part of your life story, you can count on Sampa Citywalk.

We have competitive prices on routes to:
- Families
- Young groups
- Veteran groups

- Schools

Here are some suggestions for itineraries. For other destinations and more information, please contact us at

Sampa Citywalk offers a wide range of destinations and tours aroud São Paulo and nearby towns. Talk to us, schedule a tour of our catalog or create your own special tour. Different tours for customers that want to know more about this magnificent city. Below are our main routes:

Feast of the month
- Destination changes every month, according to the parties of the Roadmap of the Fruits. Options such as Vinhedo, Atibaia, Valinhos, Holambra, Itatiba, etc.

São Paulo of all time
- Know the main landmarks in the capital city. The Museum of Ipiranga, the College courtyard, the Cathedral, Avenida Paulista, Ibirapuera Park, the Cathedral Square, the main buildings of the historic center.

Neighborhoods of Sao Paulo
- The story of the main districts of the state capital. The story of Bras, Bixiga, Liberdade, Barra Funda, etc. The Immigration Museum is a very special destination.

Shopping in São Paulo
- The main shopping centers in the capital, the busiest streets. The street March 25, Santa Ifigenia, the shops of Rebouças and the Pinheiros district, the main street fairs.

SP zoo
- Meet one of the largest zoos in Latin America.

Aquarius SP
- Meet one of the newest attractions of São Paulo.

Santos City
- Know the main points of attraction of this beautiful city of the Coast. The orchid, the aquarium, the Fisherman's Museum, the Sea Museum, the tram, the Bolsa do Café.

Religion in SP
- A tour of the main churches of the capital. Sé, St. Jude, Achiropita, etc.

Museums and art
- The main museums of São Paulo. Ipiranga Museum, MAM, MASP, Art Gallery, Museum of Sacred Art, MIS and the Portuguese Language Museum.

Sports in SP
- A tour of the main sporting destinations. The Ibirapuera Gymnasium, the Football Museum, Pacaembu, the Morumbi, Itaquerão, the Caninde, the Palestra Italia.

Popular news
- A different tour, for those of strong heart. Addresses that became known because of the crimes committed. The Crime Museum, the Civil Police and Military Police Museum.

Industrialization path Tour
- The historic factories in the city. The industrialization tour. Meet the factory of Nestlé, Yakult, Coca-Cola, Avon, and Perfume Museum. Attention: the factory to be visited will be set every month as calendar availability.

Coffee Route
- The Bolsa do Café, the Museum of the Brazilian Coffee, the courthouse, the Guinle Building, Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil, Cafe Largo, Martinelli Building, Luz Station, Light Park, Vila dos Ingleses.

All routes include a scenic part and an interactive part. With tickets, meal, and round-trip transportation included. We always update our tours. Contact us if you want to build or do a combination of two or more destinations. In Sampa Citywalk, you set up the tour according to your needs.


You can talk to us via phone at number 5-11-99306-5755, by email at atende@sampa-citywalk.com.br, via the contact form, or via social media (Facebook #Sampa_Citywalk).